Academic Committee



The main objective of the academic committee is to oversee the academic affairs of the college and make recommendations to the Principal about academic programs and strategic priorities. The principal in turn, forwards the recommendation to the governing body for final approval. The members of the committee sit together at regular intervals of time to develop the ways and means to ensure that quality teaching –learning process should remain the topmost priority. 



1. To constitute various subcommittees related to co curricular and extracurricular activities for all-round development of the students.

 2. To prepare an annual academic report listing the important decisions taken over the year.

 3. Before introducing a new subject, the committee assessess the viability of its relevance keeping in view the available infrastructural facilities. 


Committee Members

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy (Principal) 

Mr. Durgadas Bhattacharya (Convenor, Academic Committee)

Dr. Joydeep Mukhopadhyay

Ms. Bratati Dasgupta

Dr. Chandan Kr. Goswami

Ms. Champa Ghosal

Dr. Jaydeep Sarangi (Secretary, Teachers' Council)

Dr. Rampada Bera (C.U Syndicate Nominee)

Prof. Swapan Kumar Kanjilal (Govt. Nominee)

Sri Sanjoy Ghosh (Head Clerk)