Community Development



The Committee was formed to take responsibility of Outreach Programmes of the College meant for the development of the local communities, particularly which are underdeveloped, as local slums. This Committee aims to fulfil Institutional Social Responsibility by contributing towards the development of local underprivileged groups of people beyond the campus.



Dr. Susreema Dutta, Convenor

Ms. Rumi Mukherjee, Jt. Convenor

Dr. Prithwiraj Byabartta

Mr. Sudipta Mondal (Commerce)

Dr. Ujjwala Paik Mandal

Mr. Sudipta Ghosh

Ms. Debbarna Mukherjee

Ms. Nabanita Majhi

Non – Teaching Staff:




The Committee plans and implements programmes yearlong targetting the development of locally situated underprivileged groups by collaborating with local underdeveloped slum clubs, schools and  ngos working in these areas.


Recent Activities (2015-16)


Event Date

1. Free Eye Check Up Camp for slum dwellers

A free eye check up camp was conducted for poor people from the local slums out of which 70 people benefitted


19th September 2015

2. Observation of Vidyasagar Jayanti in Primary school for slum children

a. The Programme consisted of Story telling session on the life of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar by student volunteers to school children who come from the slums in Durgabala Dutta Girls' Primary School.

b. Childrens' story books (collected from College students and teachers) were donated to the school library.


 26th September 2015

3. Capacity Building Workshop for Senior Citizens

A two day workshop was conducted in collaboration with New World to build capacity among senior citizens in basic mobile and computer operations.



19th & 20th December 2015


4. Organising Sports for a poor School

The Committee in collaboration with National Service Scheme organised and funded the Sports of Durgabala Dutta Girls' Primary School, which had not been able to organise Sports for the lack of funds in the previous years.



2nd February 2016