From the Principal’s Desk


Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy, M.Com., Ph.D.

Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College was the brain-child of eminent Barrister Ranadev Chaudhuri, and named after his renowned father Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri. It was founded in 1965, and from its inception the target has been to promote education among the deprived and economically backward classes. This college is affiliated to Calcutta University.


This college is fully dedicated to achieve its vision of Equity, Empowerment and Empathy. One of the important missions of this college is to encourage communal harmony, since a large number of students belong to the minority community. And I am happy to say that this college has been able to set a model example of what this harmony is. The college has a strong NSS base, and has already made a name for itself in community service. Calcutta University has recognized some of its Programme officers with awards. The NCC too is working quietly towards community development. 


Our aim is to give a holistic education, to make a complete person of a student who enters this Institution. We face many challenges, since the majority of the students are not only economically backward but also first generation learners. Apart from innovative methods of teaching, emphasis is given on extra-curricular activities. Our students are a store house of talents and to hone and nurture this, a lot of activities are arranged. We are also trying to strengthen our Alumni Association. This is not only to keep touch with the extended family, but also to inspire the current and future generation of students to come, because we believe that one lamp can light several other lamps.

Our college works in a democratic manner. Opinions and feedback of students, guardians, teaching and non-teaching staff are given due consideration and implemented in cases that are feasible. The entire college community works in tandem with each other. Cooperation from all ends has given impetus to the administration to adhere to its aim and take the college to further heights. From a humble beginning we have been able to achieve much of our target. But much more remains, as we perpetually set further targets for ourselves. This hunger and striving for further excellence will be our contribution to nation building.