Anti-ragging Committee



Ragging has been declared as a criminal offense by the Supreme Court of Inida. This Committee aims at creating a ragging-free College campus.



Prof. Sima Mukherjee, Convenor,

Dr. Supti Sadhukhan, Jt. Convenor

Prof. Manidipa Mistri

Dr. Banani Mandal

Dr. Prithwiraj Byabartta

Prof. Angana Dutta

Prof. Sudipta Mandal (Eng)

Prof. Anindita Mukherjee

Dr Ujjwala Paik Mondal

Non – Teaching Staff:




  1. Publicising Ragging as a criminal offense.
  2. Taking instant and strict action on any case of ragging when reported.


Recent Activities



Activities for the session of 2015-'16

  •  Lecture Demonstration Programme:  A lecture was organized on 'Understanding Ragging' in colaboration with NGO SWAYAM on 12th Sept, 2015.

Activities for the session of 2016-'17

  • Poster Presentation: A poster presentation was organized by Anti-Ragging and Disciplinary Committee in colaboration with Department of Commerce on 7th Sept, 2016 on the theme of 'Globalization: Development or Degeneration.'