Digital Library



Computers in the library :

The digital library of Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College was inaugurated in 2015. This presently has 5 computers of latest configuration with internet facility for students and teachers to use. Through these computers the students can access a a rich stock of study materials as listed below.


Online Resources in College website :

The College library webpage has a link for quality free study materials ( online resources ) which the students can use.


Subject-teacher study materials available online :

College website has a portal ( Students' Zone ) from where students can download study materials of their subject teachers and classroom lectures. 


Membership of UGC N-List Programme:

Moreover the College has  got  membership of the UGC-INFLIBNET, N-LIST programme since June 2011. N-LIST is a national library and information services infrastructure for scholarly content. This program is funded by MHRD, under its National Mission on Education through ICT. This e-library of N-list program provides access to more than 3000+ e-journals and 75000+ e-books. To access those  e-resources, the log- in ID and passwords will be provided by the college library authority.  To get a step-by step guideline on how to use the resources please click on the following link :