Environment Consciousness Committee


The College has constituted this committee with teachers of different branches of science like Zoology, Environmetal Science, Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Electronics and Sociology. The committee is in charge of maintenance of environment related issues to keep the campus eco-friendly.


Dr. Banani Mandal, Convenor

Dr. Atish Sardar, Jt. Convenor

Dr Ratan Sarkar

Dr. Ujjwala Paik Mandal

Mr.. Rafikur Rahaman

 Ms. Sharmila Mitra

 Dr. Rajrupa Ghosh 

 Ms. Arundhati Ganguly


Non – Teaching Staff:




 I.  Hazardous waste management

 The initiatives which have been taken:

1. Purchase of minimum quantity of hazardous chemicals required for our laboratories.

2. Segregation of hazardous chemicals from non-hazardous chemicals whenever possible.

3. Use of only required quantity of chemicals to minimize the wastes.


II. E-waste management

The different departments of the college take the responsibility to identify all unusable, discarded electrical and electronic products as e-waste products. These are kept in a separate, isolated, unexposed area, to prevent accidental breakage. In order to minimize such waste and to save resources, scrap materials are sold for recycling. Vendors are appointed to recycle usable parts of discarded computer sets. Burning of rubber and plastic in the campus and throwing e-waste in municipal vats are strictly prohibited in the college.


III. General practices

The College provides high importance on the cleanliness of the campus as well as on developing a general environmental consciousness among the students. All rough work is carried out in usedstationery materials.