Central Library: The main Central Library of the College has a stock of 27,989 books (text and reference). There is an adjoined reading room of a capacity of 40 students. The Library website gives access to Online resources as N-List and the stock of Books can be searched online with OPAC.

Departmental Libraries: Departments maintain separate departmental libraries.

Book bank: Some of the Departments maintain Book Banks to lend books to needy students.




Reading Room: 11.15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturdays: 11.15 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. only.

The Library remains open during the examination days and on specific days during summer recess.




 For online library catalogue searching click here (OPAC)

 For UGC - INFONET digital library consortium click (N-List)

 For other online resources go to (Library Online Resources) option on the left




By getting oneself admitted as regular student to the College, one acquires the right to enjoy the library facilities subject to the prescribed rules and regulations for students. A student’s tuition fees and other College dues must be up-to-date to utilise library facilities.

A casual student may enroll his/her name as a casual member of the library reading room facilities only by paying the scheduled library charges. Membership may be obtained on application to the Librarian in the prescribed proforma; and it may be retained throughout the period of studentship in the College.




The library has institutional membership of the British Council Library. If students want they can borrow the card from the Librarian and use the British Council Library. The College has 10 British Council library cards with which staff & students, with which the following facilitites may be availed:

3 books/magazines/periodicals/newspapers may be borrowed per card.

The library has institutional membership of the American Centre Library. The College has 5 American Library cards with which staff & students, with which the following facilitites may be availed:

6 books + 2 magazines + 1 DVD may be borrowed per card.


 There is a MoU with Behala College library for sharing library expertise.



Librarian (Convener)

Dr. Amit Bhar, Department of Mathematics, (Jt Convener)

Dr Supti Sadhukhan, Department of Physics

Dr Sravasti Guhathakurta, Department of English

Prof Jayantanath Kundu, Department of Commerce

Dr. Sumana Bhattacharjee, Department of Geography

Prof Atish  Sardar, Department of Botany

Dr. Jaya Mukherjee, Department of Chemistry

Prof. Debbarna Mukherjee, Department of History

Niaz Hossain (Student representative).