Teachers' Council

 Teachers’ Council of Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College  is an active body of teachers and of the College which strives collectively for all-round academic excellence of the College. We have been achieving milestones together and are actively contributing towards keeping the JCC College banner flying high.



Dr. Pankaj Kumar Roy











Mamta Trivedi 
Department of Hindi

Teachers’ Council of Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College is an active body of teachers of the College which strives collectively for overall academic excellence of the College. It is a statutory  platform for teachers; a democratic bench mark.We have been achieving milestones together and actively contributing towards keeping the JCC College banner flying high.




As yet another year rolls by here’s a glance into some of the salient achievements  of the Council through joint efforts:

  • Activities of the whole year were chalked out and reviewed through multiple TC meetings.
  • All honourable members participated in free and fair admission process in the college.
  • The council encourages its members to remain active in academics.TC helps its members to fulfil requirements for CAS for teachers. The agendum for CAS was discussed  in several TC meetings.
  • The Council celebrates various academic achievements of its members.
  • The council also felicitated teachers participating in different international seminars/conferences in abroad.
  • The wards of our esteemed colleagues  for successfully clearing the different Board Exams were  felicitated with due honour.
  • The Teachers’ Council is always in favour of the academic expansion of the college provided minimum infrastructural facilities are made available. Some departments have already submitted proposal for Honours and PG courses. We are hopeful that a better tomorrow is on the card.  We as a team want the house what are the possible academic developmental needs one can incur with full pay protection under UGC and Govt. provisions. TCS also shared various websites and Office contact details from where the teachers can get updated about various Government and University rights and duties.The Council encourages its members to submit proposals for MRPs and Seminars and Conferences individually and through their departments.
  • The Council was continuously engaged in preparation (and submission to relevant authorities) of various recommendations for up-gradation of the College and following up to ensure implementation of the same. Thus after careful survey of needs, the Council prepared recommendations for up-gradation of existing computers, buying of new ones, along with printers, making classrooms more amenable to teaching, repairing parts of the building for greater safety and other similar infrastructural developments.
  • We discussed issues like scarcity of nonteaching staff and lab attendants, problem of space and sharing rooms with the sister college, JCC Law College. We asked the appropriate authority. 

The Council notes the service of Prof Durgadas Bhattacharyya as the TIC from 01/12/2012 to 01/7/2015 who always stood beside the teachers and the interest of the college. Dr Pankaj Kumar Roy has joined as the Principal of the college. The Council promises to work hand in hand with the administration. 

  • The Teachers’ Council participated in all invited personal occasions of esteemed colleagues, as birthdays, marriages, upanayana, etc. 

Besides this, the TC also organised get-togethers as annual picnic, farewell of esteemed colleagues, Sharadiya Sammilani, etc. TC Picnic 2015 boosted our confidence. 90 people attended the picnic. Many ex teachers, family members of our present teachers and the members of the council made the picnic a grand success! 

We are preparing for NAAC re-accreditation in 2016. We need co-operation from all corners of this college. Different committees/Departments should come up with proposals for activities through meetings. NAAC team will work with the IQAC cell of the college and organise events and meetings together.