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The department has a rich tradition of all-round development of students. The approach is absolutely student centric. They are encouraged to develop a spirit of enquiry in all facts of daily life, not to mention their own cultural heritage and background. The department leaves no stone unturned to break the barriers of chalk and talk and makes learning a pleasant experience, with seminars, workshops, tutorials and group discussions as part of it. Honours in History was introduced in the year 2002. Earlier, Mrs Oindrila Chakraborty and Miss Sharmila Chanda have served this department. Presently, the Department has a strength of five teachers who keep up to this tradition.  

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Eligibility Criteria

Study Level Cut-off marks at Entry Approved intake
UG (Honours) As per C.U. norms 45


The Department has a seminar library for the use of the teachers and the students of the Department. In addition to the facilities available in the college central library, the seminar library of the Department helps the teachers and the students of the Department in greater ways.

Faculty Directory

Photo Name Qualification Designation Email
Faculty Semanti Banerjee M.A., M.Phil. Associate Professor semanti_b@yahoo.com
Faculty Keya Banerjee M.A., Ph.D. Part Time Teacher keya.banerjee707@gmail.com
Faculty Sonali Roy M.A., M.Phil. Part Time Teacher wakazashi.sonali@gmail.com
Faculty Debbarna Mukherjee M.A. Part Time Teacher mukherjee.debbarna@gmail.com
Faculty Jigme Wangdi M.A. , M.Phil. Assistant Professor jwangdi21@hotmail.com

Academic Activities

Recent activities:




Exhibition Visit at Gaganendra  Pradarshan shala on Glimpses of the Past (Archaeology)


Wall Magazine inauguration on History of Kathak Dance and Archaeological Exhibits


Parent Teacher Meeting for 2nd Year HISA


Parent Teacher Meeting for  1st  Year HISA


Invited Lecture By Dr.Piyasi Bharasa, Dept of Museology(C.U), on How History is preserved in Museum. 


Wall Magazine inauguration on Charter Act & God and Goddess of Egypt


Stamp Exhibition in collaboration with Philatelic Promotion Society, Kolkata


Wall Magazine for Women Cell on Agragotir Majhe Boishommo  (Diversity within Development)


Book Fair on History and Historical Books


International Exhibition Visit  at Victoria Memorial organized by Consulate General of Japan on Japanese Prefectural Culture


Indian Museum Exhibition Visit with 1st Yr HISA on Japanese Prefectural Culture


Teacher Exchange Programme –Prof.Alok Mandal from Behala College History Department took Class of 1st YR HISA, on Achievements of Sultan Iltutmish


Exhibition in collaboration with Sabarna Sangrahashala, on Birth of Kolkata and Related Myth


Semanti Banerjee took class of 1ST YR HISA at Behala College, on Indus Valley Civilization


Museum Educational Visit to Police Museum


Interdisciplinary class with Sociology on theme Land Revenue System in India by Sonali Roy


29.11.2016 Invited lecture on Japanese History by Tetsu Sato

Excursion at Chuchro and Chadannagar for Honours students with Keya Banerjee 


Teaching-Learning Methods:

Apart from the regular chalk and talk teaching, we have also used other methods of teaching like showing Maps, Historical Documents relate with the syllabus and Power point presentations in the classroom. The following activities are also held to inspire the students to know more about the subject.



We take tutorial classes beyond scheduled lecture hours.


Parent-Teacher meeting:

We host formal parents-teachers meet during the whole session for the betterment in students’ results.

Extension Activities

Educational Tour:-

  • Visit to the Indian Museum organized by the Department on 2015.
  • Students of 1st Yr Hons. and 2nd yr Hons. went to Shreerampur and Chandannagar for Educational Excursion on 2014.

Student's Zone

Result of History Hons in the academic session 2014-15: Average success rate 90%.

Department Year Success Rate


History (Hons.)

2014 71.4%
2013 87.5%
2012 100%

Future Plans

In the present academic year, we have the following plans:

  • Formation of History Club for the regular activities of students and teachers.
  • Competitive examinations preparations for ex-students of J.C.C. College.
  • Guiding students in Historical drama.
  • Introduction of historical peer reviewed journal.
  • Creation of magazine Oikko (unity).
  • Orientations on travel and tourism for the future career of students.



Some of our ex-students have done well in academics.

  • Nabanita Dasgupta attained the highest marks in her bachelor’s degree and completed her post graduate degree from Jadavpur University.
  • Many from the previous batch are pursuing their Masters degree from Calcutta University like Soumita Parel, Puja Jha, and others from various universities.
  • Some of our students have been absorbed in Government jobs like Arijit Chakroborty , Abhishek Das.

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H.O.D.: Semanti Banerji