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The birth of the Department of Physics was marked in the year 1969 when the college obtained its first affiliation for degree course in Science from the University of Calcutta. The Honours course however started three decades later in the year 2000 with four full time teachers and one part time teacher for the electronics part along with one laboratory instructor. The Department works in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science for Practical and Project works done by the students. The staff and students cherish the same dream in shaping the Department a potentially excellent centre for learning Physics.

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Eligibility Criteria

Study Level Cut-off marks at Entry Approved intake
UG (Honours) As per C.U. norms 30



Laboratory: Laboratories are well equipped with instruments which are regularly revised and maintained in an efficient state. The faculty members put their relentless efforts to make the laboratory up to the mark as per prestigious curriculum of the University of Calcutta. At present there are three laboratories in the Department – Optics lab, Physics lab and Computer lab. The Computer lab consists of 6 (six) PCs for 3rd year practical classes.


Departmental Library:


In addition to the college central library, the Department has a library accessible to both  teachers and students.


Accident Control Measures:


In the Department fire extinguishers are in reserve to handle fire outbreak. The Department can also offer first aid treatment for minor injuries. 



Number of PCs – 01

Printer (Colour) -01


Type and Speed of Internet - Broadband(Accesible to the staff only)

Faculty Directory

Photo Name Qualification Designation Email
Faculty Supti Sadhukhan M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor suptisadhukhan@gmail.com
Faculty Somnath Naskar M.Sc. (Pursuing PhD) Assistant Professor sommm147@gmail.com
Faculty Ratan Sarkar M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor ratan.sarkar82@gmail.com
Faculty Sutapa Baitalik (Ghorui) M.Sc. Part Time Teacher sbaitalik@hotmail.com
Faculty Shouvik Choudhury M.Sc. Guest Teacher shouvikchoudhury19a@gmail.com
Faculty Abhijit Bar M.Sc. Assistant Professor abhikanp15@gmail.com
Faculty Riya Chakraborty M. Sc., PhD Guest Teacher chak.riya2@gmail.com

Academic Activities


Teaching and Learning:


In theoritical classes students are assesed regularly. Some of these classes are conducted in the mode of discussion to ensure active participation of each and every students present there. Often the students are allowed to deliver talks in the presence of teachers which build in them self-confidence.

In experimental classes it is compulsary for the students to complete the experiments enlisted in the curriculum in due time. In general they have to perform on their own so that they can have a strong grip over the experiments. Moreover, they are encouraged to think and apply illuminating ideas to modify these experiments beyond curriculum. It helps to inculcate in them interest about the subject. Practising intution and gaining experimental skills surely help them in future if they involve in research works.

The faculty members along with the laboratory attendants invest their time as much as possible to feed students' need. Extra classes are taken in accord with the necessity.


Educational Tour:

Every year the Department organises an educational tour to visit esteemed research institutions to give the students an exposure of modern instruments and techniques used to study physical properties of matter. The students spend the program with great learning spirit and excitement and get introduced with the scope of experimental research works available in our country.


Seminar and Invited Talk:

The department regularly organises seminars and invited lectures on the subjects of current research. Students here get a scope to interact directly with the renowned resource persons which enriches the their knowledge and understanding on the subject.


Research Work:

The faculty members are deeply engaged in Scientific Research work in different modern fields. In brief the research includes

  • Transport in porous media
  • Nanotechnology and thin films
  • Quantum interference



Activities in the session 2015-16:


  • One day seminar on “X-Ray Crystallography: An aesthetic revolution on earth” held on 15th Sept. 2015.

Prof. Alok Kumar Mukherjee, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Prof. Samaresh Bhattacharya, (Recipient of Bhatnagar Award 2005) HOD, Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata

Dr. Sugata Ray, Associate Professor, Department of Material Science, IACS, Kolkata




  • Educational tour to UGC DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Kolkata on 22nd December, 2015.


Instruments Demonstrated                                                   

  • X-Ray Diffraction Spectrometer
  • Mössbauer spectroscope
  • UV-Vis Absorption and Fluorescence Spectroscope
  • Raman Spectroscope
  • The superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID)
  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)
  • Dynamic light scattering (DLS) Spectroscope
  • Fourier Transform infrared spectroscope (FTIR)
Host Organiser Dr. Souvik Chatterjee, Scientist D, UGC DAE CSR, Kolkata



Extension Activities

The Department works in coordination with the Science club of the college organizing poster competitions, essay competitions, etc. to spread scientific awareness and the applications of science for the welfare of the society.

The Department actively participates in NSS program of the college. Dr. Ratan Sarkar and Somnath Naskar served as Program Officer of NSS in the sessions 2011-12 and 2012-13. A remarkablr number of students of the department participates in NSS activities.

Student's Zone

Students are performing consistently well in C.U. examinations in recent years with increasing highest marks as well as number of 1st classes.

  • Result of B.Sc. Hons Examination, 2014:

Part I:     15 students appeared out of which 3 secured 1st class and the highest percentage scored is 75.2%. (Success rate 93.3% )

Part II:    9 students appeared out of which 3 secured 1st class and the highest percentage scored is 71.0%.  (Success rate 100% )

Part III:   3 students appeared out of which 1 secured 1st class and the highest percentage scored is 68.2%. (Success rate 66.6% )


  • Yearwise Success Rate
Department Year Success Rate


Physics (Hons.)

2014 66.6%
2013 100%
2012 100%


Future Plans

The Department has a number of specific plans to incorporate for the enhancement of intellect and skills of the learners. Some of them are as follows:

  • To organise invited lectures from renouned resource persons.
  • To organise seminar on topics relevant to modern research.
  • To take steps for further improvement of C.U. results.
  • Use of smart board teaching for giving lively illustrations in the classroom.
  • Further development of infrastructure.
  • Career counseling and job fair.


Our ex-students are continuing to make us feel proud. They are holding or are on their way to hold prestigious positions to serve the nation and more. Some of them are listed below.

  • Dr. Avinav Bharati- Medical Physicist (ACDTRC, Bhatinda, Punjab)
  • Sourav Das- Indian Airforce
  • Dibyendu Chowdhuri- Kolkata Police
  • Ashok Kuila- Indian Army
  • Kunal Sarkar- SWO A (Corporation Bank)
  • Prince Pandey-Teacher (Shri Ritam Vidyapith, Kolkata)
  • Prabha Shaw- Deputy manager, Service and Operations (Indusind Bank, Kolkata)
  • Sumit Shaw- pursuing PhD (CMI, Chennai)
  • Palash Biswas- Field Officer (Cadila Pharmaceuticals)
  • Srijit Deb- pursuing MCA (St. Xavier's College, Kolkata)

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